Holden’s First Halloween Costumes

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Holdy has celebrated her first Halloween with two events (and two costumes) so far this year:

For the Alice and Mad Hatter costume, I pulled out a 10-year-old Alice costume I had, dressed Holdy in some mismatched clothes and had my friends at HolyCraft make a super cute baby top hat.

The Robber/Moneybag costume was a Pinterest inspiration. I used one of Holdy’s sleep sacks that we already had. I cut a large dollar sign out of black felt and double-sided-taped it to the sleep sack. I printed out some $100 dollar bills from the internet and stuck them through a headband that went around Holdy’s head. Easy enough!

Raising My Little Girl

I have become an incredible worrywart since giving birth to my daughter four months ago. One of my biggest fears, aside from anything happening to her, is something happening to me so that I’m not able to raise her and watch her grow.

I decided to start a running list of my goals for Holden and the things I’m planning to do to guide her to be the woman I hope she becomes. If for some reason I’m not around, I’m hoping her Daddy or guardian will follow my wishes… and that they’ll show her this list someday.

Raising My Daughter.

My “Tangled” Birthday Goal for Holden

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Since Holden’s birth 11 weeks ago, I’ve been rekindling my romance with Disney, playing the Disney Pandora station nonstop and singing along for my little girl. I’ve missed out on the more recent Disney flicks, so last night I decided to watch “Tangled.” So cute. And it gave me an idea.

Every year, on Rapunzel’s birthday, her parents (and the entire town) send golden lanterns into the sky (Rapunzel was kidnapped; it’s their way of sending a message, etc. etc.)

Tangled Golden Lanterns

How cute would it be to do something similar for my own daughter’s birthday? How about every year, we fill our backyard with luminarias to celebrate her birthday, Tangled-style? Will I actually do it? Who knows, but it’s fun to dream.


Diaper Sprinkle for Baby #2

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For a friend’s second baby, we threw a “Diaper Sprinkle.” This was her second boy so she was all set on clothes and gear. We divied up diaper sizes (N, 1, 2) alphabetically according to first name. Now mommy’s all set for several months!

ps – as a new mom, I now realize how much it must suck to have to unroll all of the rolled diapers in a diaper cake, so I went with fanned diapers in a motorcycle.

Nursery Update

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The glider is here and the nursery is complete! Holden, you can come any day now!

Let’s talk about my gorgeous new(ish) glider. The actual piece of furniture was found on the side of the road. My good friend Courtney at HolyCraft refinished it for me and I ordered the custom cushions from CJ’s Cozy Cushions. It’s the Pièce de résistance to my nursery and I’m in love with it: