Mustachio Bashio

So I’m super psyched about the new mirror in my entryway. The mirror itself is from Target, but I added a little special touch:

Mustache Mirror

I ordered these fun mustache mirror clings from Amazon ($4!) and slapped one on:

I’m really into mustaches right now. I know that they’re the latest hipster thing, but I’ve always had an affinity for the ‘stache. Perhaps it’s because my dad has been rocking his since before I was born:

He shaved it once when I was seven. I cried.

Luckily, there’s TONS of cute ‘stache stuff out there right now:

Mustache pillows!

From uVinyl on etsy

Mustacke Koozie

From Karriehillis on etsy

Mustache Necklace Holder

From LangtonStudio on etsy

Mustache John Decal

From Eyval Decal on etsy

So I’m loving the ‘stache stuff. Let me know if you see any other cute mustaches around!

I really mustache


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