An “easy” floor update

When our renter moved out of our Jersey Shore condo and left the already nasty carpet in even further disarray, we decided to go with a relatively inexpensive and easy update.

We chose a Konecto vinyl flooring that looks and feels similar to hardwood, in “Mist” to feel like an old boardwalk:

Konecto Mist

It’s called a “floating floor” because the planks interlock like a puzzle and stick to each other, rather than to the floor:

Konecto floating floor

That dark grey strip is the sticky part.

It took us about five hours to do the dining room and living room, including cutting up the old yucky carpet.

Protip: When laying the planks, rotate between choosing planks from three different boxes of flooring. Each box will vary in shade and this way will allow for variation across the entire floor, rather than in just one section.

Here’s the process:


One thought on “An “easy” floor update

  1. Alexandra

    That looks great! And it looks like it would be easy. Our floors are hardwood and would be alright except for all of the cracks that hold dust and crumbs so well. Plus they are the subfloor and I hate seeing them taking such a beating from the kids. It would be nice to protect them but keep the look of woods floors at a reasonable price.


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