Diaper Sprinkle for Baby #2

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For a friend’s second baby, we threw a “Diaper Sprinkle.” This was her second boy so she was all set on clothes and gear. We divied up diaper sizes (N, 1, 2) alphabetically according to first name. Now mommy’s all set for several months!

ps – as a new mom, I now realize how much it must suck to have to unroll all of the rolled diapers in a diaper cake, so I went with fanned diapers in a motorcycle.


2 thoughts on “Diaper Sprinkle for Baby #2

    1. nomiddlename Post author

      So sorry I missed this until now! I’m sure I’m too late, but here’s what we wrote (the grandma is something of a poet!):

      You are invited to a “Diaper Sprinkle” on this Day;
      To celebrate Holly and Pat’s second baby that is on the way.
      A baby boy it will be and his name is going to be Riley;
      Will he have curly hair like Brayden and always be smiley?

      They already have lots of baby clothes, boy things and baby stuff;
      But DIAPERS in all kind of sizes they will need lots and lots of!

      To make sure Riley gets dipes of all size,
      The first letter of your FIRST name can help you to buy:
      A-G: NB
      H-L: 1
      M-Z: 2

      It will just be a fun day for all of us to join in;
      To celebrate the soon to be arrival of another Myers/Herbert Kin!

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