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Holden’s First Halloween Costumes

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Holdy has celebrated her first Halloween with two events (and two costumes) so far this year:

For the Alice and Mad Hatter costume, I pulled out a 10-year-old Alice costume I had, dressed Holdy in some mismatched clothes and had my friends at HolyCraft make a super cute baby top hat.

The Robber/Moneybag costume was a Pinterest inspiration. I used one of Holdy’s sleep sacks that we already had. I cut a large dollar sign out of black felt and double-sided-taped it to the sleep sack. I printed out some $100 dollar bills from the internet and stuck them through a headband that went around Holdy’s head. Easy enough!


Nursery Update

i’ve moved! check me out over at oh, bother. blog!

The glider is here and the nursery is complete! Holden, you can come any day now!

Let’s talk about my gorgeous new(ish) glider. The actual piece of furniture was found on the side of the road. My good friend Courtney at HolyCraft refinished it for me and I ordered the custom cushions from CJ’s Cozy Cushions. It’s the Pièce de résistance to my nursery and I’m in love with it:


Nursery Sneak Peek

i’ve moved! check me out over at oh, bother. blog!

I’m still waiting on one final piece to complete the nursery, but here’s a sneak peek at Baby Holden’s new room:


DIY: Stones in my Shoe [Tray]

I saw this adorable pebble boot tray from Clean & Scentsible on pinterest and had to give it a shot in my house.


  • black rubber shoe/boot tray (previously purchased from Lowe’s)
  • assorted river rocks/stones/pebbles from the craft/floral section of Wal-mart (yuck, I know).

I didn’t bother with gluing down the stones, mostly because my tray sits underneath a table and I currently don’t have any little ones running around. Check it out:

An “easy” floor update

When our renter moved out of our Jersey Shore condo and left the already nasty carpet in even further disarray, we decided to go with a relatively inexpensive and easy update.

We chose a Konecto vinyl flooring that looks and feels similar to hardwood, in “Mist” to feel like an old boardwalk:

Konecto Mist

It’s called a “floating floor” because the planks interlock like a puzzle and stick to each other, rather than to the floor:

Konecto floating floor

That dark grey strip is the sticky part.

It took us about five hours to do the dining room and living room, including cutting up the old yucky carpet.

Protip: When laying the planks, rotate between choosing planks from three different boxes of flooring. Each box will vary in shade and this way will allow for variation across the entire floor, rather than in just one section.

Here’s the process:

Mustachio Bashio

So I’m super psyched about the new mirror in my entryway. The mirror itself is from Target, but I added a little special touch:

Mustache Mirror

I ordered these fun mustache mirror clings from Amazon ($4!) and slapped one on:

I’m really into mustaches right now. I know that they’re the latest hipster thing, but I’ve always had an affinity for the ‘stache. Perhaps it’s because my dad has been rocking his since before I was born:

He shaved it once when I was seven. I cried.

Luckily, there’s TONS of cute ‘stache stuff out there right now:

Mustache pillows!

From uVinyl on etsy

Mustacke Koozie

From Karriehillis on etsy

Mustache Necklace Holder

From LangtonStudio on etsy

Mustache John Decal

From Eyval Decal on etsy

So I’m loving the ‘stache stuff. Let me know if you see any other cute mustaches around!

I really mustache

DIY Custom Tray

I got this photo tray from Target as a wedding gift and wanted to do something a little different with it:

I like the black & white photos but wanted to add some color and I thought color photos might look cheesy. Solution? Scrapbook paper!